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 Kids with  Masks

Looking for Covid-safer activities?


we have you covered

Fall Offers

Herberth Golf is giving it's students the opportunity to get golf instruction in the environment that they feel comfortable and have complete control over.


- Students choose groups, a day, a time, and total number of sessions

- Juniors and/or Adults of all ages and abilities are encouraged to schedule 

- Fall classes (5 week sessions)

- Week day evenings (First opening available at 4:00pm / Last opening available at 7:00pm) 

- Choice of Instructor 

- You pick your group (2-4 students per group)

- Group Pricing 

- Social Distancing

- Instructors will wear masks if students request

To schedule or to inquire, please email

- New students will need to start a student account (all students in each group)

- Sessions will be booked by instructor

- Invoices for each student will be emailed and must be paid in order to confirm the group's registration

Availabilty & Pricing
5 Week Session - Oct 12-Nov 12
- 2 Juniors $175each
- 3 Juniors $150each
- 4 Juniors $125each
- 2 Adults $225each
- 3 Adults $200each
- 4 Adults $175each
* Instructors will continue to offer private lesson times on weekdays and Sundays. Please check the online booking calendar for each instructor's availability*
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