Julee Herberth

Teaching Philosophy:

     Golf is not played on the range but a solid golf swing has to be born on the range. Every student has to work towards the most efficient swing that he/she has the potential to create. Through drills, video analysis, stength or flexibilty exercises, and more, each student can maximize his/her potential towards an efficient swing.
     Next, students need to learn how to play golf. They achieve goals by learning course management, club selection, shot selection, and understanding all the different areas of the game.


Teaching Style:

     Every student/golfer is different. Golfers learn different, swing different, think different, and act different. Julee really works with each student to make short term and long term goals so they can stay on track towards success as a team. Helping each student become aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses and developing a plan to achieve those goals is vital.

Email: julee@herberthgolf.com

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Erik Herberth

Teaching Philosophy:

     Erik believes that every good golf swing comes from good fundamentals. While incorporating good fundamentals in his teaching, Erik adapts to each individual player’s needs. His ability to assess different habits and learning styles, allows him to make each lesson unique and appropriate for every individual.


Teaching Style:

    Erik works with many of his students first on the big picture. By getting his students to engage the larger, core muscles, Erik is able to help his students build a good foundation of both control and power. After this is achieved, Erik works individually with each student in all areas to fine tune the smaller details for better results. He also incorporates strength, flexibility, and fitness into his instruction.

Email: erik@herberthgolf.com

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